Why Airbags In Cars Are Necessary – Advantages & Working

There has been a lot of refinement in automobile engineering. Nowadays there is a vast improvement in engineering and is evident as at present sophisticated technologies are available in premium class cars. Safety measures, driving controls, steering adjustment controls, climate control, automatic transmission, high torque and speed technologies are available in the standard Mercedes cars now a days. Coming back to the topic, over here I am going to discuss about the necessity of airbags in cars and how they can protect you.

Going back to the history, you all will be surprised to know that the first that the invention of airbags dates back to 1952. Yes, it was invented by John Hetrick who realized the need of a cushion to reduce the impact of an accident. He himself was a part of the accident and wanted a kind of cushion to come into play, the moment an accident occurred. But at time, there were no resources and his idea remained a mere idea and did not turn fruitful until 1980. The practicalities of assembling an airbags were tough and in 1980, Mercedes rolled out its S class with airbags installed in it. At present, even the most basic Merc has airbags installed in it as I mentioned above. Clearly the need for airbags has increased as at present practically every car manufacturer has airbags installed in its top variant.

Why Airbags In Cars Are Necessary – Advantages & Working 1

How airbags actually work?
Airbags comes into play, the moment a car crashes or hits. In fact it is deployed within 0.2 second when the de acceleration rate of the car is huge and ultimately it bangs into another vehicle. The triggering unit called the airbag control unit is placed at a location which does not get destroyed at the time of an accident and is placed at a safe place. Once, it gets triggered it deploys the airbags and the even though impact of collision could not be minimized but injuries due to it is minimal once it is deployed. Earlier there were only 1 airbag below the steering of the driver’s seat but nowadays there are 6 airbags to keep everyone in the car safe. The cost of airbags is generally around Rs.20, 000-Rs.80, 000 if it is destroyed due to any miscellaneous reasons. Also, My friend Dhruv Bhagat discussed about amazing features in the new Jaguar XJ which itself is having curtain airbags to protect each and every person present in the car. This is something new and amazing safety feature which rolls out in the new XJ model.

You will be surprised to know that in Bangkok, Thailand all the cars have airbags to ensure safety. I guess it should be made compulsory in India too. I remember before buying my Audi Q5, I went to the Mahindra showroom to buy Scorpio of course along with my dad. I was really shocked to see the response of the salesperson there when my dad enquired about the airbags in Scorpio. The salesperson told my dad that the car has ABS brakes as safety system and as it is the car is bulky enough to withstand any accident. My dad immediately reprimanded him of being so casual and dropped the plan to buy Scorpio and then went for Q5 instead. I mean ABS though a very good safety system but if it is combined with airbags then the safety is at its optimum level.

I will give you the price list of cheap diesel cars in India that comes with driver as well as passenger airbags :

Ford Figo Duratorq Diesel Titanium 1.4 : Rs. 6,03,000.
Toyota Etios Liva GD SP : Rs. 6,15,000.
Tata Indica Vista ZX Quadrajet : Rs. 6,50,000.
Renault Pulse RxZ Airbags : Rs. 6,70,000.
Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDi : Rs. 6,90,000.
Volkswagen Polo Highline : Rs. 7,43,000.
Skoda Fabia Elegance 1.2 TDI : Rs. 7,43,000.
Hyundai i20 New 2012 Asta 1.4 CRDI : Rs. 7,55,000.

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