Volvo D3 Diesel Engine Review – Cheap Luxury Cars In India

If you thought there isn’t a huge market for high end diesel cars, then you probably are mistaken. In India mostly Volvo buses are widely popular and are said to be the most comfortable and luxurious buses. Many travel operators use these buses only for tours across North India and various other metropolitan cities. Infact many businessman while going to other cities prefer to use only Volvo buses because of extremely comfortable seating which even turns into a sleeper bed. To add more to it, the additional features like AC system and other additional facilities are world class.
Volvo Cars - Spectra Car
Now Volvo known for it’s luxury and excellence has gone a step ahead with the launch of cheaper Volvo D3 variants.
In this post I will give you complete details about the Volvo D3 variants and for middle class people who look for efficiency in their engines, these variants are most sought after and are highly efficient.
Volvo D3 – Highlighting features
D3 variants sub categories
Under the diesel Volvo variants which I have already mentioned above, there comes two sedans and one SUV. The Volvo S60 and S80 are two diesel sedans and the XC60 an SUV.

Why are they called cheaper D3 variants ??
There are called the cheaper diesel variants because there are limbered down from the 2.5 litre diesel engine that D4 possessed. It is a great relief in terms of pricing also that of mileage.
Mileage – Proportional to better fuel efficiency
If you don’t mind the price but look for mileage then the average or the mileage of these diesel variants are quite impressive too. Infact if I talk about these mileages these diesel cars have a mileage of 18.5kmpl, 17.8kmpl and 14.7 kmpl respectively.
Overall power and performance
These diesel variants apart from better mileage are performance oriented too. Infact it produces 400 Nm of torque and 165 PS.
Price – The highlight
As apart from all the features which I have mentioned above, the turning point comes is the pricing. Well you must be surprised that these variants are priced at Rs. 23.99 lakh ; 31.99 lakh and 33.99 lakh respectively. Considering the features and specifications of these cars, it is a great buy and with it’s recent launch, the prices are expected to rise upto 1 lakh in next few months till October 2012.

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