Volkswagen Jetta Petrol 1.4 TSI 2012 – New Specs & Features

Volkswagen brand has always excited me. The reason behind is its rich history. Starting from 40’s when the Nazi’s regime came to an end, began the era of the establishment of the very first Volkswagen plant. In fact you will be surprised to now that in 1948-1949, Volkswagen dominated the German roads as majority of vehicles on road (more than half) were produced by Volkswagen only.

Now in the current decade, Volkswagen has achieved a great amount of popularity in India with the launch of Polo’s and the Vento’s. In the premium section, Touareg, Passat and Vento are also established cars.
Coming to the subject, in this post I am going to discuss the features of upcoming Jetta 1.4 L petrol. With petrol prices at all time high and with the diesel variant of Jetta already in the market. Don’t you think Volkswagen is crazy enough to launch this car? The diesel version of Jetta is too very competitive and faces a stiff competition from its competitors like Hyundai, Honda, Toyota etc.

I sometime feel nostalgic when I see old snapshots of the petrol pumps indicator showing the petrol prices to be somewhere Rs40/litre. But Volkswagen is confident enough to launch this car in Indian market as statistics show that they have achieved a growth of 42 percent in sales of Passat and there has been a downfall of somewhere about 28 percent in sales of its competitors.
The Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 is power packed with 1.4 TSI engine. Most of you must have heard about TDI technology for diesel but this time it is TSI (Turbocharged Stratified injection). The Jetta pulls down torque of 200Nm that stays there for 1500-4000 rpm. The overall weight of the Jetta is 1403 kg. The mileage is around 14.5-15km/litre has been provided with 6 shift manual gearbox which is quite responsive.
The downside of Jetta is its interiors. Well if you price this car in the same league as already established Corolla Altis, Honda Civic then no comprises should be made. In fact there has been a downgrade in music system from the diesel Jetta to Petrol. There is no metallic finish given and overall it lacks the X-factor in the interiors. The other major flaw and risk that Jetta is taking is by launching its petrol version.

Final Verdict :
The overall package of petrol Jetta is not to be ignored. I say so this because the new Jetta has been provided with a peppy engine as that in smaller cars of 1.4 L. But in Jetta it has been renewed and refined at the same time. The Jetta petrol is approximately 42 kilograms lighter than its diesel variant and one can see the difference in its pick up.

Moreover Jetta is so much smooth and 6 shift manual gear box is at so ease. The best part is its mileage which the company has promised to be somewhere around 14.5-15km/litre which I guess makes the overall package more interesting. Indeed Volkswagen with its excellent customer service record, good mileage is a sure value for money. Also it holds a great value of money for customers who replace their car after every five years. I say so because true worth of diesel car comes after 4-5 years only as you have spent an extra lakh over it also.

Though the pricing of Jetta has been kept under wraps but comparing to its diesel variant, it is ought to be 1 lakh cheaper than it and henceforth will priced anywhere between Rs. 13.60 to 15 lakhs.
Rs. 13.6 lacs for Trendline Variant.
Rs. 15.07 lacs for Comfortline Variant.

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