Toyota Fortuner vs Hyundai Santa Fe – SUV Comparison India

Today, Everybody in India is looking to own a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) which is big, muscular or may be compact and delightful. The SUV race is going more competitive when you have a list of more than 35 SUV cars in India.
These cars are more spacious. You can easily drive them on city roads, or venture into the deserts, or you can make them roar on mountain regions. That particularly depends upon your way and style to define the luxury aspect of your driving. Indian people are more interested to buy SUV costing from Rs. 20 to 30 lakh price range. You can get many of the ruling SUV in this range for example Toyota Fortuner, Hyundai Santa Fe, BMW X1, Honda CR-V and the upcoming Audi Q3.

Here I will provide you the full insight view of Toyota Fortuner, and Hyundai Santa Fe :


This car has been the leader of SUV from the start with an enviable waiting period of more than 6 months because of almost double figure in sales in comparison of its nearest competitor. This has been the most successful car by Toyota even after having beautiful cars like Innova, Corolla Altis, Camry and a luxury hybrid that is Prius.

Toyota Fortuner


The Hyundai Santa Fe is expected to be game changer of its own creators in India. It is being creating a good amount of sales in a regular day to day manner. This luxury car has brought an incremental numbers after they have suffered from Tucson.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Exterior Looks :
Toyota Fortuner is having a monsterous looks with dimensions of some like a pick up truck rather than a car. This car always creates a spotlight when I see this mighty vehicle moving on roads. I always fall in love with this car more every time I see it roaring on roads.
Hyundai Santa Fe is a urbanised version of Toyota Fortuner. It is big like a monster which is as long as Fortuner and even having the same width. It does appeal to my eyes but it is not having that overbreaking look like Toyota Fortuner.
Winner – Toyota Fortuner
Interior Looks :
Toyota Fortuner is having simple interior looks. I am very much depressed when I see the interior looks of this luxury epitome. I cannot believe my eyes what I was seeing a Innova or a Fortuner ??? The car is a lot spacious but having simple finishing does not make it to score good.
On the other hand, Santa Fe is having loads of space which is very skilfully crafted as well. The space in the last row is also impressive. It is quite better than Fortuner when I see loaded features from safety to entertainment and the real feeling of owning a luxury car with fit finishing inside.
Winner – Hyundai Santa Fe
Driving Talk :
Toyota Fortuner is not that faster nor the most exciting in its class when you drive it. It develops much power and similar torque like other segments despite having that big engine. Engine seems to go well with its personality.
Hyundai Santa Fe is yet another SUV that can run but not sprint. It will take its own time reaching to 150 kmph mark. It is quite quicker than Fortuner and you can easily beat Fortuner if you race no matter Fortuner is having much brilliant engine. You can enjoy the smooth ride unlike Fortuner.
Winner – Hyundai Santa Fe
Specifications :
Toyota Fortuner || Hyundai Santa Fe
Dimensions <LxBxH (mm)> : 4705x1840x1850 || 4690x1890x1760
Wheelbase (mm) : 2750 || 2700
Gear Clearance (mm) : 220 || 200
0-100 kmph : 11.4 seconds || 10.8 seconds
Engine : Diesel (both cases)
Capacity : 2982cc || 2199cc
Power (PS@rpm) : 171@3600 || 197@4000
Torque (Nm@rpm) : 343@1400 || 436@1800
Fuel Economy (kmpl) : 12.5 km || 14 km
Price (lakhs) : 20.79 to 21.93 || 22.35 to 25.37


The features are all same in both the cars (top model). You can decide what you want in that particular amount. If you are willing to spend more, you can take away Santa Fe which is 3 lakh more costlier than Fortuner. Personally, I will go with Hyundai Santa Fe which is having more space, more fuel economy, more ride quality, much more appealing interior looks, and definitely with more power and more price.

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