Suzuki Access 125 Review – Specs & Price In India

When Honda is ruling in the two-wheeler market with Activa, then Suzuki came up with Access 125 giving direct competition to it. Suzuki Access 125 is having similar design to the 1st generation Honda Activa and performance is also good. I am happy to have a scooter like Suzuki Access 125 which is totally comfortable, easy maintenance and brilliant in driving.

Suzuki Access 125 Specs

Engine – 125cc, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled OHC, Self Start
Power – 8.58 BHP @ 7000 rpm
Torque – 9.8 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Suspension – Telescopic (Front), Swing Arm Type (Rear)
Tyre Size – 90/100-10
Brakes – 120mm drum
Fuel Tank – 6.0 litres
Top Speed – 93 kmph
Mileage – 60 km per litre
Under-seat Capacity – 20 litres
Wheelbase – 1250mm
Ground Clearance – 160mm
Weight – 115 kg.

Suzuki Access 125 Features

XTP (Xtra Torque Performance) for more power, Centralized ignition key switch with shutter, large under-seat capacity, wider seat for comfort driving, chrome-plated silencer cover, telescopic suspension for smooth ride.

Suzuki Access 125 Review – Specs & Price In India 1

Suzuki Access 125 Review

Body Looks –

The overall body looks are great. It doesn’t matter which gender you belong to, the Suzuki Access 125 is for everyone. It has a more compact look with a longer wheelbase. The overall body is made of plastic and the paint quality is perfectly fine. The look is similar to the first generation Activa. The head-light is exactly the same but indicators are placed on the front body unlike Honda Activa indicators placed adjacent to the head-light. The design of the scooter gives a trendy look from sideways too.

Suzuki Access 125 Review – Specs & Price In India 2

From rear view, it is again similar to the Honda Activa’s previous generation. The tail-light and rear indicators are placed in a same manner but are slightly curved unlike Activa. The foot-rest is superb and are easy to close and open. The chrome-plated silencer cover gives more sportier look to the overall charm. The body does not get corroded for the whole lifetime because of non-metallic body. It’s been around 30 months that I am owning Suzuki Access 125 and it still shines like a new one. Whereas, the metallic body of Honda Activa gets corroded in few years and looks ugly day by day.

Engine –

The scooter comes with a four stroke engine having Continuous Variable Transmission. It is a 125cc engine with XTP (Xtra Torque Performance) which provides a fantastic pick-up. The pick-up of the Suzuki Access 125 is quite brilliant than Mahindra Duro 125. You can easily drive at 90 kmph on highway. It is the quickest in its class. It provides a maximum power of 8.58 BHP @ 7000 rpm which is extremely good but it lacks in mileage.

Suzuki Officials are saying the scooter is giving the mileage of about 60 km per litre. But it’s not at all true. The Suzuki Access 125 even fails to provide mileage above 40 km per litre. This is the big difference for any vehicle. The Suzuki Access 125 mileage is just 37 or 38 km per litre which is the major drawback. Even Honda Activa DLX is giving better mileage than Access 125.

Driving Talk –

The overall driving experience is just superb. I love the suspension and pick-up of this scooter the most. Previously I was owning Honda Activa and the suspension of that scooter is not up-to the mark. It is just because it lacks in telescopic suspension. Now, the next generation Honda Activa DLX is again lacking this awesome feature. The body is sleek but the seat is wider which is again the plus point. It gives you the most comfortable ride than you have expected. You can easily take U-turn, easily cross 60 km per hour speed and brakes are even brilliant. It is more comfortable than Honda Activa DLX and other two-wheeler scooters in this segment.

Suzuki Access 125 Price

Rs. 46,600 (ex-showroom). You can also check On The Road Price of your city.

Conclusion –

The Suzuki Access 125 is just superb. I am happy with its condition as it is always shining like a new one. It has brilliant pick-up, nice suspension, fully comfortable but lacks in mileage. The mileage of Suzuki Access 125 (37 km per litre) is quite less than Honda Activa (40 km per litre). It too have a waiting period for about a month like Honda Activa DLX. The customer support is similar to that of Honda. Access 125 is more comfortable than Honda Activa DLX. I am totally satisfied with the Access 125 and also wants you to go with it. In the end, the decision is yours!

This is the review of Suzuki Access 125.

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