Revamp Your Car – Top 7 Cool Car Accessories

Earlier Fiat was the most luxurious cars. In fact I remember the time when I too had one and it had the gear just attached to the left side of the steering. It was the most prestigious car with all the goodies which made it technically most advanced car of that time. Of course one had other luxurious cars too but I remember the Fiat Era because my mother and all her sisters owned that. As one says time changes and it has now with plethora of cars that are available in the market.

Revamp Your Car – Top 7 Cool Car Accessories 1
In 2000 decade apart from cars having monstrous engines, they are equipped with the best technology and funky accessories. You will be surprised to know that Maruti will soon launch its own car boutique to cater to the customer demands. Over there, according to the customer demands the Maruti manufacturers will customize their car. Today there are plenty of car accessories shops but with car manufacturers too opening up their car boutiques, one can estimate how stiff the competition is.
Here I list the best 7 cool accessories that will dazzle and revamp your car and make you stand out of the crowd :

Camera on rear view mirror
Though this maybe a standard feature of Verna and many other cars. You can get one camera fit externally through any reputed car accessory shop. It comes into play when your car is in reverse transmission and gives you a pictorial view of the back owing to the cameras fitted near the number plate.

Custom made seat cover
If you are driving a premium car and have an ordinary seat cover then the whole aura of your car declines. A friend of mine recently purchased an i20 and got accessories worth Rs. 1.5 lakhs custom fitted in it. I know that’s too flamboyant but at least one can get custom made seat covers fitted in it. One can have Porsche design, Ed hardy design seat covers fitted in your car which looks so cool.

Cellphone and music connectivity
With the former you can make and receive calls at loudspeaker or on Bluetooth which is connected to your music system. The latter enables you to connect pen-drives, iPod and phones and play your music.

Climate and humidity control
This control feature enables you to have just the right atmosphere in your car. The temperature in your car remains neither too cold nor too hot. You may have heard cases when the car behaves like an oven due to the excessive heat. In such cases, it triggers off the alarm too.

Trip meter
This may be a standard feature of many cars. But I find this indicator very essential where one knows the exact idea as to how many km one can drive with the existing fuel.

Automatic Headlight and Windscreen Wipers
During the raining season automatic windscreen wipers comes into play. The automatic headlight is very useful when one drives in the basement or at very low pace while parking at night.

Seat cooler or heater
There might be a possibility that the seat cover that you have in your car is made of material that heats up at a very fast rate during summers and chills very fast during winters. There comes the role of seat cooler or heater which adjusts the seat temperature. Now a days even seat massagers are also present.

Though there are quite a lot of features that were once considered to be luxurious have become a standard feature of many cars. I say so because Bluetooth connectivity has become a standard feature of Ford Figo. You may be surprised to know that Xylo has voice control features and it obeys commands like “Door lock”, “Door open”, “Music on”, “Music off”. Also XUV 500 has a GPS navigation system which covers 1.5 million km of road across 1200 cities. What could be more?
The good news is that India lags one complete generation behind US and one can expect an OS that will sync with your mobile and use its features. Also one can expect an OS that will enable you to drive your car VIA remote as shown in Bond movie!! (Laugh Out Loud) !!

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