Renault Twizy EV Coupe – Features, Specifications And Price

The smallest and the most beautiful car of the world is set to launch in India. The car is popular in Europe especially in United Kingdom. The reason behind its launch is that it is ideally suited for pleasure and easy driving in the city. The ultra compact Renault Twizy is best chosen by girls for city motoring. This car does not need any driving licence to drive it in many countries. This is because it is having a top speed of just 45kmph and any one can enjoy the ride legally. This is made by Renault for those people who love to have an extra car for city driving. Many youngsters are loving its ride, as it is safe to drive throughout the city. It makes them learn driving in a safe manner even in heavy traffic.
There are two versions available in this car –
15kW motor which requires driving license.
4kW motor which do not requires any driving license.
Exterior and Interior Looks :
The car is brilliant and beautiful having two doors which open in vertical direction instead of horizontal. It looks much appealing like you are opening the doors of any sports coupe. The dimensions of this small car are just 1461mm height, 2337mm length and 1191mm of width. It is not a difficult task to park this vehicle in a crowded place. This is only because of its ultra compact dimensions.
The weight of this car is just 450kg including battery weighing 100kg. You can easily recharge this battery complete in less than 200 minutes using domestic electrical supply. You just have to attach spiral cable to the front of the car where battery is kept beneath the flap. It is the 7kWh lithium-ion battery which has power to run a vehicle for many miles.
Renault Twizy EV Coupe
It comes with the digital speedometer which gives you a perfect feel of driving a high segment car. The steering wheel looks more appealing though it is not power steering. Two persons can easily get into this vehicle without any problem. There is another seat behind the driver’s seat. Sitting one behind the other like on scooter can cause you any injury if you fell on road. But this car has the seat belts that will provide you a perfect safety measure as compared to that of a scooter.
Driving Talk :
Renault Twizy is very low maintenance car. It runs through electricity and can be recharged in a simple manner by connecting a plug to its battery.

Being smaller in size, it even has 4 wheels at extremely low height. The Renault Twizy delivers a stable ride while having disc brakes are much enough in stopping a vehicle if you are moving at top speed.

Renault Twizy EV

Once you charge the battery of Renault Twizy, you can drive upto 100km without recharging the battery. Twizy accelerates smoothly and silently with immediately available torque. This helps you drive to the maximum speed of just 45kmph. Its acceleration is comparable to that of a scooter.
This is must buy car as it comes at a low price of just Rs. 65,000. There is no loss if you think that you will only able to drive at a speed of 45kmph. This car can save you from rain, sunlight and other environmental conditions if you are moving by in this particular car.

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