New Jaguar XJ Model In India 2012 – 12 Amazing Features

While talking about luxurious cars, how can one not mention Jaguar? Yes, Jaguar is a British luxury and sports car manufacturer which is part of the Jaguar Land Rover business controlled by Tata Motors. Here is a profile of one of the most luxurious cars that is the new Jaguar XJ.

New Jaguar XJ Model In India 2012 – 12 Amazing Features 1

Panaromic Roof : All XJ models feature a dynamic full width glass roof, from the top of windscreen to the front of the rear seating area. It has a front section that opens upwards and outwards, increasing the sense of space within cabin. The tinted glass has a reflective coating to prevent the cabin from becoming too hot. Also, there are twin electric blinds for extra privacy.
Bi-Function HID Xenon Headlamps : They operate automatically when it starts to get dark. The headlamp wipers are set flush into the front bumper so that they do not disrupt its elegant lines. The amazing feature of these Bi-Function headlamps is that they react to speed and steering, to cast a deeper beam on corners and even provide extra light when you are moving at low speed for parking a car.
Rear Parking Aid with Visual Sensors : Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect objects up to 1.8m away and gives an audible warning to the driver. At the same time, you can see the object in the centre console screen. The XJ has similar sensors for the front of the car too. In addition, it is also having rear facing video camera provides steering guidance to help the driver. Rear Video Camera sends pictures of what is happening behind to the screen at the time when you are moving in reverse direction.
Distinctive Rear Lights : The rear lights follow the outline of the boot down towards the bumper triangular in shape. Each lamp unit contains 57 LEDs, which are arranged in three blades and reach full brightness when brakes are applied.

Dynamic Stability Control : The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) has two settings. The default setting comes into play as soon as it detects the wheel slipping. The Trac DSC setting allows some slipping and overspin before it intervenes allowing a sporty driving.
Adaptive Dynamics : It analyses the XJ’s speed, steering and body movements 500 times a second. It also adjusts the suspension with electronic dampers to achieve the ideal balance between comfort and precise handling.
Jaguar Sequential Shift : The enhanced XJ six-speed automatic transmission delivers lightning-fast gear changes and optimising performance. Shift changes are constantly adapted by the system, ranging from economical to sporty drive. Driver also have the option to change gears manually, with paddles behind the steering wheel.
Automatic Speed Limiter : XJ drivers are able to choose a maximum speed of the car. After they set a particular range, the car won’t move faster than it.

Protective Body Shell : Because the XJ is built of aluminium and magnesium. It is exceptionally rigid. Through this, the car is likely to suffer less damage than a conventional steel car in an accident.
Advanced Braking : All XJ models have anti-lock brakes, which ensure that the wheels do not lock. Through this feature, driver can keep the steering under control during an emergency stop.
Security Locks : Door locks on the XJ are controlled from the key fob. Each door can be locked or double-locked with a button on the handle. Also, doors will be automatically locked when the car reaches a particular speed set by the driver. It is also protected by an alarm and engine immobilizer.
Safety Curtain Airbags : You have been familiar with airbags for safety purpose in the front. But the car promises to provide ultimate safety if you meet an accident. It has side curtain airbags that drop down from above the windows to protect occupants in both the front and rear seats. It has sensors that detect the size of driver and passenger before the front airbags are deflated to prevent injury. Also, the seatbelts feature a “SOFT LANDING” technology during which no serious damage is incurred.

PRICE : Rs. 90 lakhs in India.

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