Mahindra Rodeo RZ Full Review – Specs & Features

I have been talking about the two-wheeler from last week. So, I think of continuing the series forward. Being an owner of a two-wheeler gear-less scooter, I am going to write about Mahindra Rodeo RZ.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Specs –

Engine – 125cc, 4-stroke Spark Ignition
Power – 8.0 BHP @ 7000
Torque – 9.0 Nm @ 5500
Suspension – Front : Telescopic and Rear : Swing Arm
Tyre Size – 90/100-10
Brakes – 130mm drum
Fuel Tank – 4.5 ltr.
Top Speed – 80 km per hr.
Mileage – 60 km per ltr.
Under-seat capacity – 22 ltr
Wheelbase – 1245mm
Ground Clearance – 154mm
Weight – 106 kg

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Full Review – Specs & Features 1

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Features

Digital Dashboard – The digital dashboard consists of Digital Speedometer, Digital tachometer and digital odometer. This is a brilliant idea by Mahindra for creating something new in the gear-less scooters. No other gear-less scooter is having a digital dashboard. You will be surely liking the full digital dashboard. It comes with 7 back-light colors. It also warns you when you are driving at higher speed. The fuel gauge also alerts you when you are running low on fuel. Everything is just fantastic.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Full Review – Specs & Features 2

Mobile charger – The mobile charger was first seen in Kinetic Zing. People were so amazed when they got this feature in the two-wheeler also. In the Rodeo RZ, you can charge your mobile, iPod or MP3 on the move.

Dicky – There is an ample storage. The Rodeo RZ comes with the most spacious dicky (22 ltr.) which is quite enough for you to put whatever you want to carry. It do comes with an under-seat light which automatically lit up when you lift the seat. So, it is quite easier to see what you are carrying even in the dark.

Anti-theft lock – It comes with 4 in 1 Anti-Theft Key which lets you central-lock the vehicle in just a single turn. There is a solid shutter to cover the keyhole for full protection. This feature was firstly introduced by Suzuki Access 125.

Side-Stand safety buzzer – People do forget to close the side stand by lifting it up. So, the Rodeo RZ will alerts you in case you forget to lift it up. This is a great way to protect accidents caused by the side stand if left open.

Front Petrol Tank – This is the main reason why you have more boot space. Also, there is no need to get up from your seat like other vehicles while you are at a Petrol Pump. You can get petrol filled while sitting on your seat like bikes. This is the reason it has less fuel capacity.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Review

Body Looks –

The Mahindra Rodeo RZ doesn’t looks as cool as other competitors like Suzuki Access 125Yamaha Ray and Hero MotoCorp Maestro. It comes with lots of colors and even with matching side mirrors which makes it look better. It looks like its predecessor that is Mahindra Flyte.

Engine –

The scooter is a 125cc, 4 stroke Spark Ignition. It has maximum power of 8 BHP @ 7000 RPM which makes it better than its previous version Flyte. The pick-up is as good as Suzuki Access 125 and does well overall. The scooter has the capability to reach 60 km per hour in just mere 9.35 seconds which is even quicker than Access 125. But the top speed is not good. You can’t take this scooter over 80 km per hour which is not enough for a 125cc vehicle. The mileage is never same as what company says. The mileage is around 33 km per hr whereas company says that mileage is above 55 km per hr.

Driving Experience –

The scooter is extremely comfortable and gives a sporty feel while you are driving it. It is easier to drive on each and every track. The front telescopic suspension helps you in driving with ease. The brakes are not up to the mark as compared to Suzuki Access 125. As it is lighter than other competitors and this is another advantage. The scooter has a good balance even in off-road conditions.

Price – Rs. 48,900 (ex-showroom)

Verdict – The vehicle is good in handling and comes with a good pulling power but it lacks in mileage and styling. The features are brilliant and that’s the main reason it is costlier than Honda Activa DLX and Suzuki Access 125. You must take a test drive between other segments and select one for yourself.

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