Keep Check On Your Brake Fluid Level – Brake Fluid Tips

Well what keeps your braking system in your cars, trucks, motorcycles intact? Now in this blog post, I am going to discuss about braking fluid which is one of the most eminent fluid in your vehicle.

What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid. It has applications as mentioned above. Brake fluid is glycol ether and is used to transfer force into pressure. It is an incompressible fluid, so forces are transferred into fluid’s chemical bonds.

You should follow tips to check brake fluid level –

Boiling point of brake fluid

Obviously brake fluid should have high boiling point. The wheels of cars, brakes are subjected to friction (high temperatures) so if having the characteristic of high boiling point would result in decline of vaporization. Vaporization is a problem because if vaporized fast then it can lead to decline of braking system.


For the braking system to be efficient, the brake fluid should have constant viscosity.

Keep Check On Your Brake Fluid Level – Brake Fluid Tips 1

How to check if your brake fluid is leaking?

Here I list top 4 ways to keep a check on your brake fluid leakage.

1. Gradual loss of fluid

Well one can suspect the fluid leakage if there is a gradual loss of it. Supposedly you get the brake fluid changed but over a short span of time only, you experience a decline in your braking system. This is due to leakage of braking fluid. So get your braking fluid checked by nearest authorized mechanic.

2. Wear and tear of brake pads

The leakage of brake fluid can also be due to wear and tear of brake pads. There is master cylinder that distributes the brake fluid to all the four tyres in a car. So if there is any decline of braking or decline brake fluid then that is attributed to wear and tear of brake pads. But if your brake pads are new then the leakage is due to some other serious issue.

3. Check bolts

If you have got braking problem and even after its resolution, you still experience it again. Then the problem is a minor one as you just need to check your bleeder bolts or bleeder vaults. There are high chances that one of your vehicle’s bolts might have been mistakenly left loose. So you just need to tight them. As a result the fluid leakage would stop.

4. Free Pedal

There are often times when your braking pedal in spite of repeated attempts to stop the car doesn’t perform its function. So this is because the braking fluid doesn’t flow in it. So in such cases, I would highly recommend to apply repeated pressure on the pedal. As the pressure goes high there are high chances that the braking function resumes.

You must take braking fluid precautions –

Here I list the precautions that one should take while handling the braking fluid.

1. The braking fluid should not be kept in close proximity to the eyes
2. The braking fluid should not be kept on painted surface.
3. The braking fluid should always be changed by an authorized dealer.
4. The axle of the vehicle should be checked by an authorized dealer in case of any brake fluid leakage.

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