How To Take Care Of Car During Rainy Season – Car Care Tips

I usually write about the specs and features of the latest upcoming cars and bikes. But I have taken a break from this monotonous reviewing to give you some practical advices. In this post I will tell you the best and practical approach that you can have while driving your car during the upcoming monsoon.
“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. “
We all welcome the rain with a big grin on our face but when it actually happens, it definitely interferes in your daily life routine. After all rain is the natural gift of god and no one can stop it, but in order for your smooth daily life here I list the following tips to save your car during the upcoming monsoons. I assure you that following these tips will make your commuting so much easier and simpler.
This is usually done under the suspension. The suspension area is usually unnoticed by the owner of any vehicle, so an anti-rust coating is strongly recommended during the rainy season. This would reduce the process of corrosion and your suspension longevity and efficiency would be more.
During heavy rains, water might go inside the engine too. Now here comes the role of Poly urethane (PU) coating. This is usually done in the interiors of engine. This is done to protect the wires which connect the various components in your engine. Even a small quantity of water in your horn could distort its noise. So a PU coating is a must.
In order to get the coating done, you need to make sure that you get it done with a reputed mechanic or directly from the company. The cost of this procedure is not much and is usually about 2000-3000 rupees.
It is but obvious that wipers run maximum during the monsoons, so the rubber which maintains its elasticity should be periodically changed. This is done because wiper covers the maximum area of the wind shield and the cleaning of the water is done in a proper manner. Make sure that wipers do not make any noise as this could even harm your windshield resulting in scratches on it.
The wiper rubber usually costs around 50-100 rupees and is easily available from any local mechanic or automobile store.
4. AC – USE
During heavy rains there might be a possibility that you don’t see anything in front of you. Even though you have wipers but to your dismay it is raining like cats and dogs. So here comes the role of AC and it is advised that you use your car AC in defogger mode. The direction of AC should be pointing upwards to the windshield to give you a better view of the road ahead.
You follow all the mentioned tips but you drive rashly, then not even GOD can help you. During raining days, it is advised you not drive on a left lane. This is so because the road might be rocky there. Never jump red light and be prepared to apply brakes well in advance in order to avoid skidding.
Wise is a man who maintains distance between two cars. If you drive too closely, then chances are that your brakes might not be applied effectively in case of emergency resulting in accidents. Maintaining a constant speed, cautiously overtaking from right side if needed and following the above tips would result in a cheerful upcoming monsoon season.

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