Ferrari V12 Berlinetta Price – Fastest Ferrari In The World

Most thrilling car is launched by Ferrari – The Italian Automotive Company. This is known to be the fastest Ferrari in the world ever made since 1947. Here is the astonishing facts and figures about Ferrari V12 Berlinetta :
1. Insights into Ferrari History
The year 1947 is very significant to the Indians as this was the year when Indians got freedom. Now many people don’t know there was also a very significant developement in this year for automobile industry. Indeed this was an unknown fact and after that there was no stopping and today Ferrari is the most sought after manufacturers of sports car all over the world.
2. Ferrari V12 Berlinetta – Loads to Boast about
In the previous post I gave my readers a taste of world’s fastest car
Now in this post I have gone ahead and did detailed work to find the fastest Ferrari ever made yet. In fact the Berlinetta is the fastest Ferrari.
3. Engine inside
It has a whooping 6.3 litre V-12 power packed engine and is 730 bhp.
4. Speed is so thrilling
Regarding its speed, it boasts of reaching 0-124 in just astonishingly low 8.5 seconds.
5. Dimensions – How it looks
The dimensions of the latest Ferrari are 4618mm long and 1942mm wide and is 1273 mm high.
Ferrari V12 Berlinetta - Spectra Car
6. Ferrari V/S F1 cars
As I said it is nothing less than a typical sportscar and can be compared to the typical F1 style sportscar. The F1 cars have minimized dual clutch gearbox so that the overall package is reduced at the rear side.
7. Material behind Berlinetta Creation
The overall body structure is very complex so that the car is extremely light. Moreover the aluminium frame and bodyshell boasts of 12 different alloys.
8. Expected launch Date
The overall launch and testing was done at Geneva Motor show and is expected to be out in late 2013 after all the quality checks and necessary parameters are followed.
9. Price
Keep your fingers crossed with a price upwards of 2,50,000 British Pounds or Rs. 2 crore or 4,00,000 US Dollars. It is surely going to blow a deep hole in everyone’s pocket, but many won’t mind because the overall package is one mean must buy.
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