Ferrari California 2012 Review – Specs And Features

Ferrari California made its debut in 2008 at Paris Motor show. Going back to the history, California was a resurrection of late 50’s and early 60’s 250’s GT. The very first California had V8, 4297 cc engine. Though there are has been upgrades after that, but the California 2012 is more  meaner and tougher as compared to its previous versions.


Ferrari California 2012
So in this post I will give you an insight into the renewed California engine and will unveil to you its specs.

The horsepower has been increased to 485 Nm and has 4.3 liters GDI V8 engine.


The California has maximum torque from 485 Nm to 505 Nm at 5000 rpm.
With great V8 refined engine, comes mind blowing acceleration. Indeed it accelerates from 0-100 km/hour is in less than 3.85 seconds. Top Speed of this sports coupe is 310 km/h.
It is due to new aluminium technologies and redistribution of impact loads through chassis that Ferrari has successfully reduced the weight of Ferrari 30 to almost 30 kilograms. This is some serious work done by the Ferrari engineers as the 2011 upgrade was 30 kilograms more and due to 12 different aluminium alloys the structural efficiency was optimized.
The designing of Ferrari California has been done by its long-time partner Pininfarina. As a result the new Ferrari has smooth lines, muscular edges and overall the machine looks very appealing. It was funny some detractors commented that rear of Ferrari looked like JLO’s butt. But we all like the idea of putting champagne glass on either one. (Laugh out loud).
Side Air intake
It is one of the most idiosyncratic feature of Ferrari and has been there since 1957 when Ferrari California 250 was launched.
Infotainment Center
The California 2012 has been technology driven. Just like the heart of CRO (cathode ray oscilloscope) is the CRT (cathode ray tube), similarly the infotainment is the large approximately 6.5”  touch screen display and is the heart of California 30.
It has some cutting edge features like satellite navigation interface, music center, audio system, USB port, rear parking display, Bluetooth connection for mobile phones, iPod connection and a whooping 30GB of hard disk space all incorporated in one unit. Isn’t it amazing!!
Rectractable hard-top
The convertible GT has a multi task and is a coupe and a spider in one. It is constructed of Aluminium so it is bound to be light, has less noise. It converts in less than 14 seconds.

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The overall package of Ferrari 30 California is very exciting. I say so because inspite of giving its customers 7 year maintenance warranty, thereby giving customers confidence and ownership. The paddle-shifters, retractable hard-top and not to forget the infotainment center are to die for. Ferrari 30 is like a fast hyper go-kart having a vicious engine V8 engine. It has purity of a supercar and is still quite very humbling at low speeds. Its razor edge cutting makes its drive an epic one. The moment you put on the accelerator, it blows off and the sound that comes through it is worth every second of it. In terms of braking, the carbon ceramics brakes and the power to weight ratio is phenomenal. It has all the embodiments of Ferrari and I surely agree it has carried the legacy of prancing horse symbol.
The pricing is an immense $192,000 or Rs. 1.05 Crore and for those who can afford this luxury, I request you not to give second thoughts to it.

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