Ferrari 548 Italia Price In India, Review And Specifications

Ferrari’s associated with it’s trademark symbol of glancing horses. In the previous post I updated about the fastest Ferrari in the whole world.
Now I have gone a step ahead and will provide my readers full details about the Ferrari Italia’s features and it’s somewhat Indian connection.
Ferrari 548 Italia - Spectra Car
1. Ferrari Italia Engine capacity
It has a 4.5 L V8 engine and has the very first of it’s kind direct fuel injection system which is first in mid-engine setup in Ferrari’s.
2. Gear/Transmission
It is the fifth Ferrari among all where in the overall transmission is not manual. Indeed it is provided with dual clutch 7 speed gearbox.
3. Official Speed Record
The top speed is a little over 325km per hour and the Ferrari Italia reaches 0-100km speed in a little under 3.4 seconds.
4. Braking – Very Impressive
Well the speed pick up is very important and equally important is the braking system in Ferrari and it reaches 100-0 km per hour speed in an astonishingly less 32.5 metres.
5. Ferrari Italia insights – Things that you din’t know 
The Ferrari Italia was designed with the inputs given by F1 champion Michael Schumacher. Italia being a racing car, Michael was chosen and he brought about a new steering wheel design which has plethora of additional features.
6. Overall Italia’s Dimensions
The Italia is  4572mm in length, 1937mm wide and 1213mm in height. As you can see being a sports car, the height is the lowest.
7. Italia’s – Indian connection
The Ferrari Italia was tried and tested at Buddha Circuit by the anchors of a popular cars review hosts. In fact they were so impressed by the Ferrari’s directness of steering and it’s performance at low speeds. They surely gave a big thumbs up to the car at Indian roads.
8. Ferrari Italia’s pricing – Final verdict
It comes at price tag of Rs. 2 crore 82 lakh and 72 thousand or 5,75,000 US Dollars . But surely with the thumbs up given by the Indian reporters and with the iinsights given by Schumacher during it’s creation. Italia surely has a long way to go.
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