Features And Specifications Of Honda CR-V Diesel In India

The Honda CR-V which is known to be the most popular car in SUV in its class and luxury. This car made debut in 1995 and still rocking as a Compact SUV. Now, Honda Officials in India are planning the all new Honda CR-V Diesel to come on roads after the true success of Honda Civic Diesel , Honda Accord Diesel and Honda City Diesel.
ENGINE : The Honda CR-V Diesel will be seen in 2.2L CRDi diesel engine having the power of 134bhp along with the peak torque of 347Nm. The Honda CR-V Diesel will be thriving off diesel varients of all the compact SUV cars coming in this range like Chevrolet Captiva, Hyundai Tucson , and the popular SUV Nissan X-Trail. These all cars are priced under Rs. 25 lakh and so will Honda CR-V be. The car is having five speed manual and automatic versions. Price of the particular Luxury SUV is going to fall from Rs. 23-27 lakh.
Honda CR-V Diesel _ Spectracar.com
Performance : Honda CR-V has been highly appreciated by the auto experts for its wonderful performance on the road. The car is having the paddle shift with 5 speed transmission which will make it easy to handle and drive with perfection. Fuel economy would be fall in the range of 14 kmpl to 19 kmpl. The all new Honda CR-V  models uses  front wheels drive on even terrains, the rear wheels starts kicking in as soon as the front wheels gets tough. This particular features enable this luxury SUV to be driven as the wild and adventurous journeys as the same work done by the jungle safari which gives the shear value of off-road capabilities.

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