Car Coolant Change Tips – Why Car Coolant Is Necessary ?

It’s pretty hot these days. With temperature soaring up to 45-46 degree Celsius , you are bound to feel the heat during these summers. Have you ever wondered the impact of heat on cars. Indeed cars too feel the heat and the temperature meter just besides the speedometer rises up. There have been instances when the car behaves like a microwave oven during these summers. As a result there have been deaths due to the same.
Car Coolant Change Tips
If you can’t take the heat, don’t tickle the dragon
So in order to avoid the heating up of your car, it is of utmost importance that you use a car coolant to get rid of any troubles. A car coolant limbers down the temperature of the car when the engine heats up. The following are the measures that should be taken while choosing the right coolant.
Branded coolant
The car coolant should be branded and should have some ISO certification on it. It is very important that coolant should have proper concentration of water and chemical. Well you can’t be miser and must go for reputed coolant only.
Some of the good names in coolant manufacturers industry are Smk Petrochemicals Pvt Ltd, Thar Auto Parts Pvt Ltd, Trident Services.
The cost of the coolant may vary from car to car. The cost of car coolant that is used in Mercedes is $22 per gallon and is G-05.Whereas that used by Japanese manufacturers costs somewhere around $36 per gallon.
Go to Authorized Dealer
Well don’t buy coolant from the local markets and go to authorized dealer to buy coolants only. You have to be cautious enough in choosing and trusting your dealer. Once the trust is established, get the radiator filled with coolant and make sure that it should be 70% water and 30% coolant.
Close the radiator cap
Well you don’t have to be extra-precautious and fill the radiator to the peak or optimum level. I say so because during the warm weather conditions, there is somewhat expansion in the coolant. As a result there might be a possibility that the coolant over-flows. This could be avoided by closing the cap or one can get the pressure test done. In this way serious damages to radiator and engine could be averted.
I have listed all the best tips as to why and how one should use the coolant. Practically what happens is that , while touring the city roads, your engine warms up somehow. Then what you should do is that keep your car in a static position for thirty to forty minutes after adding the coolant. Continuosly check the temperature and once normal, you can resume your journey provided that you do not speed up or switch on AC in your car. These again heat up your car.
Take measures and be safe!! Have a safe journey.

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