Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Review – Features And Price

“If speed thrills, it surely kills too.”
If you believe in the above tag line, then I request you to leave aside the above fact for the time being. Indeed I am going to tell my readers about the world’s fastest car and also give you those insights about the car manufacturers that you probably did not know.
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport – Features and Specifications
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport - Grove Times
Manufacturer – People behind it’s creation
The car is hand crafted especially by the engineers, a fact that many people did not know. It is manufactured by the Bugatti Automobiles and the Volkswagen Group. The Volkswagen Group have flooded the Indian market with Polo’s, Vento’s and not so popular Passat.
Awards and Superior Bugatti
The car manufacturers have excelled in it’s engineering and henceforth as a result of their hardwork and dedication, Bugatti was declared the car of the year by a popular BBC show that is Top Gear. Infact it totally surpassed the expectations of the anchor Richard Hammond when a show airing the  competition among all the supercars were present.
Engine or Beast Inside it
Bugatti Veyron has been powered with the monsterous and astonishing 16 cylinder engine.It maybe hard to digest this 16 cylinder engine is equivalent to two narrow V8 engines. Provided with seven gear shift ratios, this mean machine is loaded with dual clutch direct shift gearbox which are not automatic but computer controlled.
Overall Output Efficiency
In terms of output given by this machine, it produces an output of almost 740 kW and the highest ever speed recorded by the certified driver is 431.072km/hr. In reality these supercars are not sold everyday and are electronically monitored to deliver a little less speed.
Insights into Bugatti Braking system
Infact the role of the hydraulics comes when a top speed of 220km/h is achieved, and once done it is automatically lowered for ground clearance.
Price – The deciding factor
The price is obviously not within everyone’s reach and comes at a whopping price tag varies from Rs. 16 crore or 3.2 Million US Dollars to Rs. 22 crore or 4.4 Million US Dollars. In fact if money is not a problem then you should not wait and go buy this meticulously crafted marvel that is Bugatti Veyron.
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