Bentley Continental GT V8 – Fastest Bentley In The World

The new Bentley will be here in India in June 2012 which is knwon to be the fastest Bentley ever made. Yes, I am talking about Bentley Continental GT V8 which will roll out in India soon. Since I am addicted to fast luxurious cars in the world, I have also posted about the fastest Ferrari in the world till now.

When I just see this car in the news, I just searched on Google and found that this one is the fastest among all Bentley cars. Bentley is known for its luxury and the business class. But now its something related to sports edition which make me curious to know more about it. If you are thinking that Bentley is something heavy vehicle, then please forget this thought about this sporty look Continental GT V8. The car is an epitome of luxury which has the ability to slow much quicker than it is started.

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Experts and Auto lovers like Sunit Roy has shared in its experience that he reached 0-120 kmph in just less than 6 seconds. I was dumbstruck when I just read his experience in the news channel. It is the lightest, smallest Bentley till now which gives more sporty look than its business class look.
Exterior looks :
You might be laughing when you see “Bentley” and “Sporty” together. But the new Bentley Continental GT V8 really shrinks around around you and made you feel the real sports car you have ever driven in the world.
Bentley gives a true muscular look with having black gloss matrix grille with chrome flame, black matrix 3 segment lower front bumper and the real part which can make you go crazy if you have just a look that is – Red Enamel Bentley “B” badge.
At rear, it is a unique chromed “figure eight” exhaust tailpipes and a dark lower valance emphasise the sportiness of this car.

The new Continental GT V8 comes with 20″ inch alloy wheels as standard or you can even get 21″ six spoke design alloy wheels which are available in Diamond Black or Diamond Silver Finish.

Bentley Continental GT V8

Interior looks :
Bentley “B” is enough for its luxury segment. The interiors are even amazing when I just see it on the internet. I was in love with its amazing and true quality interior design having an Eliade cloth headining inside the cabin, Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus veneers, optional two tone leather color split and sporting design theme.
When I see the specifications of luxury cars, I felt one thing to be improved if it’s possible. Then I think that it can be done in this technology heaven. Today, Bentley has proved its worth by improving the fuel efficiency which is the biggest achievement for the luxury cars. And this new Bentley being the sports car has crossed its another milestone. Previously, the last version of Bentley that is Bentley Mulsanne drinks lot of petrol which seems like your half of the life will be spent on feeding your car. That was having W12 engine, but the new engine present in this car require less than 40% of that W12 engine.
The car promises to deliver maximum power of 500 bhp at 6000 rev/min and an extra ordinary torque of 660 Nm with 8-speed transmission having ultra-fast shifts. The top speed of this car is just 378kmph. It makes me even feel much happier with this performance. The car provides beautiful average of 9kmpl which is the best among all the sports cars above price range of Rs. 2 Crores. It can run upto more than 800 km when you have full fuel tank.
Price of this luxury sports GT is just Rs. 1.9 Crore to Rs. 2.6 Crore.
If you have this much amount of money to spent on this car, they you must go for it. In the way, this car marries the luxury with sportiness and hence it is the heartthrob of all the people who just love to drive like Fast And furious.

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